Offline Access to EHR | How to deal with being offline

Being offline for any reason can bring a practice to it's knees in this day and age. 

being offline sucks if you are running a medical practice

As more EHR companies move into the cloud computing for EHR's, the inevitable question is going to come up.  

How are we going to access the EHR if our business is without power?

Our minds are still stuck in the '90s. 

Picture this in your mind. Remember when the power would go out and there was no more access to the internet. The PC didn't work. The modem didn't work. Everything came to a halt. For some people that is a moment of relief because they could get out of doing work for a period of time while waiting for the power to come back up. 

Now that is no longer the case. There are a couple of ways to access the internet aside from the local ISP that use to be king of internet access. 

Mobile devices have taken over the use of the PC to access the internet.  Here are two options that are at any business finger tips.

      a.  Celluar Phones that including some very large screens are always connected in the city

      b.  Tables including Android and iPad

All of these devices can access the internet with out a local ISP. They use the celluar system to connect to the internet. So, even if the power goes out, your internet connection does not have to end there. Whip our your celluar connected mobile device and continue to see patients. 

This is a place where our EHR can shine through. It is completely mobile ready. The entire system can be accessed securely from a mobile device. 

Think about it, most of our mobile devices have days of charge. Any tablet can go all day long without having to be placed on a charger. Some tables can go multiple days without having to be charged. The added benefit of being able to charge our mobile devices in our cars is icing on the cake. Tables now have keyboard  and mouse options. Unchain your mind from only using the EHR on a desktop PC.

There are other companies our there that have build an entire industry on being connected. The biggest one I know of is Craddlepoint. 

As part of an end to end solution, we highly recommend adding these addtional layers to any EHR adoption.

      1.  Add tablets that have internet access that is not dependent on your local network and keep them charged

     2.  Add a secondary internet connection to your business. Having Verizon and Cox or Comcase or the two major players in your area is a worth wild business expense. 

     3.  Add a service like craddlepoint that will be a seamless failover internet connection. 

With all of these options, your office will never have to worry about not being able to access your EHR because you will never be offline.