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Medicaid Attesting Using OpenEMR

Can a practice attest its first year of private practice with OpenEMR as the electronic medical records system of choice?

Meeting the federal guideline for attesting is not really that difficult once the language is understood. OpenEMR is an ONC certified electronic medical record system that can be used to attest.  

Frighten Doctors Leaving the Industry

     Below is an article that I wrote two years ago. Today, I wanted to repost this article. The reason being that in the down turn of the economy a few years back, I saw a lot of doctors close shop and retire from the business due to the fact they did not want to deal with electronic medical records regulation that was being thrusted upon them. Here is a snippet of what was seen then. 

OpenEMR New Security Patch Release Soon

The core team has been working very hard to address security concerns. There will be the release of a new patch that will address some global security issues that have been brought to the communities attention. Kevin Yeh has been the lead developer on the project. The release of the security patch should be installed as soon as it is released. The patch being made public releases information to the hackers in the world to start looking for the listed vulnerabilities in any Openemr system that is cloud based. 

U.S. Department of Labor $11.5m grant includes OpenEMR

Bellevue College as part of an $11.5m from the department of labor setup a project to give students instruction and access to EMR systems, OpenEMR being one of them. In doing so, Roger Adams and education technologest developed four simulations that ahve been very well received by the faculty and students. They are and excellet hands-on approach to leanring how to use OpenEMR.

Four Topics are covered:

Upgrading OpenEMR from 4.1EMR to 4.2EMR

Upgrading OpenEMR can be a nightmare, but doesn't have to be with proper preparation. It takes planning and forethought to have an upgrade go without a hitch.  One of the major flaws of upgrading is not following a planned step by step execution of that plan. As it is said, failing to plan is planning to fail. Never so true a words in this case. There are kinds of upgrade, in my opinion. The first is where there are no modifications to the original code base.

New User Interface for OpenEMR Coming Soon

OpenEMR has been on the market for almost 10 years. It has been used my many many doctors office of all types in medical industry all over the world.  In 2012, HP launched a mobile initiative in India where they used OpenEMR to power this endeavor. In 2013 the Peace Corp adopted OpenEMR as it's official EMR of choice to support their worldwide health organization.  

New Feature - End of Day Report

There is a new feature in OpenEMR 

     This feature is a much needed end of day report. This report was built by Terry Hill at  Terry has been a member of the openemr community for a year and a half now. They have been a strong supporter of the product by providing code to the open source project on a regular basis. This is one of their many additions to the project that has been added to the code base. 

Purpose for Knowledge Base

The intended purpose for this knowledge base is to have a running history of what is going on in the world of OpenEMR. 

We take the time to scan the news and the community chat boards to see what is good to know information about 

the community, the product and it's features that are relevent or trending now.