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Not just another templating engine

We are have been working with Docxpresso to add the ability for the local practice to better control the types of documents generated without having to have a programmer custome design them. Docxpresso provided this functionality. Also, there is the bonus of in browser editing of the file before final rendering. 

Here is what we did.

Powerful Care Plan built inside

Some time back, we started a project building a care plan inside OpenEMR. The care plan was to be the central hub of activity for the doctors that work in the practice. The care plan has come to maturity. It allows the doctors to come to one form and input all the information about the care of the patient in one place without going all over the program to enter information.

This what the care plan looks like today.

New Care Plan build

Doctors come to us with ideas of how to do things better from the perspective of getting what they need from an EMR. Dr. D came to us with this idea that she had on paper to help her community of doctors communicate better. 

Florida Health Institute students train on OpenEMR

Florida Health Institute is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. They have been educating student for careers in the medical industry since 2003. They have a long history of dedication to the Hispanic community and the refugee community.

To help student be ready for the use of electronic medical records in the field, FHI has choosen to use OpenEMR to train their students. Open Med Practice is supplying the technical support and hosting for the platform.