To Many Appointments Open

Too many appointments open at the same time

We ran into a situation with the clinicians that have multiple appointments in a single day. 

While we are building this behavioral health EMR, we have conquered a lot of hurdles. Most of them are listed here in this blog post.

This latest hurdle had to do with the system allowing for two appointments to be signed in at the same time. That was causing a huge problem since the system had no way of disguising which appointment belong to which time slot. The other issue that cause was accountability in the automated billing process. The system is set to record the check in and check out times of the patient with the clinician. If the clinician fails to check in the patient when the session starts, this is a gap in the time sheet accountability for that clinician and the billing. 

We recently change the billing for these billing codes 


to bill them in 15 minutes increments.  So the start and stop times have become very critical in the correct billing for work done. 

Now the system stops the clinician from opening the second appointment if they have  not closed out the first appointment. The next step is to provide a list of open appointments for the clinician to review and correct.