Payroll Reporting In OpenEMR

We have been working with behavioral health practices that are using OpenEMR. There was a new request to modify the appointment report that can be found under Reports-> Visits.

In our behavioural OpenEMR, we have made dozens of modification that allow for automated billing completion done by the work flow. One of those modification to the community version of OpenEMR required that we add the CPT descriptions and codes to the calendar appointments. This allow for us to use that information to programmatically fill out the fee sheet/superbill. 

Because this information is stored in the appointments table. All the appointments have the information that is needed for the client go pay employees. The request was that we sort the appointments by type and count the number of each appointment type that a given provider had in a selectable time frame and the final report has to be exported into a Excel spreadsheet. We said sure no problem. We went to work on the challenge.

Below is the first draft of the payroll report that is still awaiting approval.

 Payroll report

As you can see that the date selection tool allows the client to be able to select a date range. Once the date rang is selected the report is generated from the rest of the default settings.