OpenEMR Patient Portal Credit Card Payment

We have been approached by clients that want to use the patient portal to allow patients to pay their bill. The native patient portal for OpenEMR does not have a payment gateway built into it. 

We embarked up on the task of adding the clients payment processor into the EMR. They are using Trans National to process their credit card payment. We contacted Trans National to get the necessary code from them to begin the integration. The process of integration is that the merchant company gives out a generic code that the developer that wishes to connect with them. 

The code has all the possible features that can be used by a site. Our task was to customize the merchant code. We had to strip out all the things that were not needed for our integration. Once the code was broken down to what was need and throwing away the rest. We came up with the video that shows the basic integration of the Trans National payment gateway into the patient portal of OpenEMR.