New eRx for OpenEMR increase options for users

screenshot of interface drug eRx

We have been working on the expanding the eRx capability of the native Rx feature within OpenEMR.

How it all started.

The client wanted to be able to transmit Rx to pharmacy but the native interface did not have that capability. He looked at the cost of NewCrops which is one option in the OpenEMR was not appealing.  So he was searching the web for a cheaper alternative and found a vendor Weno.

About Weno:

In 2007, a physician in Castroville, Texas asked if the Weno Healthcare eCommunity could add e-Prescribing to their services. Weno did, but, unfortunately, the company’s e-Prescribing days were short-lived. Like other e-Prescribing networks that had tried to enter a strongly dominated market, Weno Healthcare was not able to provide a vast network of pharmacies to support the prescribers.

Then in 2008, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released the final rules for e-Prescribing, based on pilot findings from the two e-Prescribing networks that dominated the market. Immediately after the government’s announcement to pay e-Prescribing incentives to prescribers, the two e-Prescribing networks merged to form one company. As a result of that merger, the industry has been served by one primary e-Prescribing network since 2008.