Ethical Philosophy:

We are here to help. 

The company was founded on this premis of helping our medical clients find a way to manage the emergence of electronic medical records. We didn't charge any extra to help with the implementation of the EMR into the daily workflow. We have gone on to help others around the world implement OpenEMR into their workflow. We still help those in need. The countries that we help:

  • Kenya
  • Cayman Island
  • Etheopia
  • Sint Maartins
  • India
  • Bangladesh

We regularly get requests for assistance. So, our paying customers give us the ability to help those that are less able to pay for electronic health records in other countries and here locally as well.  


The OpenEMR past.

OpenEMR was originally developed by Synitech and version 1.0 was released in June 2001 as MP Pro (Medical Practice Professional). Much of the code was then reworked to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and to improve security, and the product was reintroduced as OpenEMR version 1.3 a year later, in July 2002.

Who are the OpenEMR Users?

OpenEMR users tend to have similar individual characteristics. To quote Andres Paglayan , “physicians who use OpenEMR …. have reached a point of maturity in their lives where they are ready to be in charge of their own freedom, without the need of having other people or company telling them what to do, or what is better for their lives.”

Dr. Samuel Bowen is such a user. He is an internist who runs an urgent care center and also provides primary general medicine. In 2004, he began his investigation of commercial EMR’s but was “stymied by the high prices and high operating costs of these electronic medical records.” After downloading and toying with several open source EMR’s, his office “voted unanimously on OpenEMR for its clean, simple interface and relative ease of use. The initial vote was 12:1 for OpenEMR.” 

This is the base of the community spirit that is embodied by the doctors and developers that work together to build a system that works for them. It is not all about building a better mouse trap but rather building on to a practice in a manor that is pleasing to the doctor.

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