Behavioral Health - Supervisor Document Review Feature OpenEMR

One of the most important aspects of a behavioral practice is the ability to review the clinicians work by the supervisor and approve or reject it.


 Supervisor Alert Button

Here are all the major pieces that go into the supervisor approval process in OpenEMR - BH.  This all starts with the supervisor alert that there are documents to review. This alert is sent when the clinician clicks on the alert supervisor button pictured above. Also in the screen shot above what is not depected is that eSign button is hidden from the clinicians until after the Supervisor Alert has been posted in the system. Then, the eSign button appears as pictured above. 

When the supervisor logs into the system the first thing that they see is the list of what is ready for review picture below. 

Supervisor List

In the image below, you can see a typical review page. 

1) So that the supervisor has all the information that is needed about the case on one screen, there is the billing information in all 4 parts of the review form. At the heading where they can see the encounter/appointment date. They can see the type of appointment that was involved in that day. The patient's name and scheduled duration of the appointment.

2) Next is the actual codes that were billed to the appointment. Remember, some time ago we automated the billing so that as the clinicians closed out the appointments, the billing was completed simultaneously.  So the fee sheet is only used by the billing personnel that would need to make changes to the billing codes. The supervisor can now see what was the amount billed for the session with the patient and the diagnosis code that has been assigned to the patient

3) The billing codes are added to each individual documents and includes the time the appointment was scheduled. So any document that is printed out will have this information on it.

4) The eSign is a very powerful tool native to the OpenEMR program. It allows the documents to be electronically signed by all parties. This allow billing to know when the service can be billed. 

Supervisor review form

The future is to build in the process so that the supervisor can alert the clinician of errors in that needs correcting.